‘Tripoli & Batroun’ One Day Tour

Tour start at 09:00 from your hotel and back around 17:00
Tripoli is the second largest city in Lebanon, it is located 90 Km north of Beirut. The Beautiful city combines the ancient and the modern. As we drive the highway to the north, we reach the modern side of the city, a sports stadium at the entrance and many buildings facing the nice blue Mediterranean shore. Our objective is the old souks in the heart of the city. Small shops of all kind such as craftsmen, traditional pastries, fishermen, dressmakers, carpenters, painters and a number of artificial artistries gathering in a 500 years old open air market trying to sell their products… amazing approaches!
Uptown is the Crusades fortress overlooking the “Tri Polis” the three cities. All civilizations and armies seized this strategic spot to control the city and its surroundings… History to be told… time for some traditional sweets and a cup of coffee!
The sweets palace 10 minutes from our last stop dates back to 1860 when a family of talented chefs decided to start a big sweet factory in the city. Local sweets are famous in Tripoli. Maybe the best oriental sweets you ever tried? It is not only Baklava but a wide variety of tastes and pastry arts displayed in front of you for your savor and your personal palate… the Chef is there and happy to explain about every single flavor.
Now that we explored Tripoli, let’s go to Batroun or Byblos!
An average ride to this small lovely Phoenician city; The tourists street is such a lovely place to buy your  souvenirs , drop by a bar and then check the  old Phoenician port … What a wonderful day!

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