About us

Who is Dave Lebanon DMC:

We are a Lebanese owned and staffed boutique business, providing unique, sustainable travel services, tours and experiences in Lebanon. As Lebanon’s Leading destination management company, we provide exceptional group and private vacation packages, guided tours, accommodation, transfers, activities and events at competitive rates. Our highly experienced local experts will take care of all your travel needs, leaving you free to just enjoy everything Lebanon has to offer.

Our sustainability rules and guidelines:

At Dave Lebanon DMC, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s ingrained in our DNA. Our commitment to sustainability stems from a deep-seated belief in ethical practices and fostering positive societal impact. As stewards of the environment and responsible corporate citizens, we recognize the importance of effective communication in conveying our sustainability ethos. Here are our guidelines for communicating sustainability effectively:

Staying True to Our Brand

Our brand identity is synonymous with social responsibility. We ensure that our sustainability communication aligns seamlessly with our brand values and identity. Authenticity is paramount in fostering trust and credibility among our stakeholders.

Keeping It Personal

Behind every sustainability effort lies a compelling narrative. We humanize our sustainability endeavors by sharing relatable stories that showcase real-world impact. By connecting emotionally with our audience, we inspire genuine engagement and action.

Avoiding Visual Clichés

Sustainability encompasses a broad spectrum beyond just environmental conservation. We refrain from relying on tired visual clichés and instead represent the multifaceted nature of sustainability, including its social and economic dimensions.

Telling the Truth

Transparency forms the bedrock of our sustainability communication. We avoid greenwashing and misleading claims, opting instead to base our communication on verifiable scientific facts and data. By upholding the highest standards of honesty, we foster trust and integrity.

In embodying these guidelines, we recognize that effective sustainability communication transcends mere rhetoric; it serves as a catalyst for meaningful change and collective action.

Giving Back to the Community

Environmental Conservation:

Dave Lebanon DMC has spearheaded an environmental initiative aimed at cultivating Cedar trees within the Cedars National Park in Besharre, North Lebanon, and The Shouf Natural Reserve in Mount Lebanon. This sustainable project, undertaken annually, involves the dedicated efforts of all our staff and personnel.

Supporting Young Students:

Dave Lebanon DMC, in partnership with a reputable Non-Governmental Organization from the Netherlands, has been actively involved in supporting the education of local young students following the devastating August 4, 2020, blast in Beirut. Through compulsory donations, we have collaborated with local public-school administrations in Beirut City and Mount Lebanon Governorate, undertaking all necessary tasks. Our entire staff and fleet of vehicles were engaged in purchasing and delivering school supplies, with transportation facilities provided by our team. This successful partnership has enabled us to support both local students and refugees in need.

Code of Practice

We aim at all times to adhere to the following code in our operations:

  • We will promote tourism that is economically productive, socially responsible and environmentally friendly.
  • We will encourage considerate, culturally and environmentally conscious habits amongst those who travel with us.
  • We will bear in mind the rights of the local population and respect local laws and customs.
  • We will attempt to involve the host population in all tourism projects that we may instigate.
  • We will provide regular and ongoing training to our staff in the principles and practices of responsible tourism.
  • We will ensure that our leaders and guides pass on to our clients an insight and understanding of the host destination.
  • We will insist that our business partners in the host destinations meet our own high environmental and social standards, and that, where necessary, they receive training to improve their understanding of the issues.

Our policy against sexual harassment and human rights:

Dave Lebanon DMC does not tolerate harassment and/or abuse of authority at the workplace or in connection with work in any form. All clients and personnel have all their rights respected in a safe and secure working environment as our enterprise is committed to the protection and respect of all human rights and labor laws. We strive to ensure our core mission, values, and ethics are well maintained and in line with our programs and the interest of our clients.

Waste Management and Recycling Policy

It is our company policy to ensure a high level of commitment to good environmental policies throughout our business activities. Our intention is to develop this policy by minimizing the production of waste, through good purchasing practice of materials used throughout the business, reuse and recycle materials. To help ensure, we give proper consideration to our environmental and waste management responsibilities and to assist in the minimization of waste and the recycling of materials. Systems and procedures are implemented to encourage the recycling of material with a view to minimizing the overall levels of waste we produce. All staff is expected to abide by the following procedures and co-operate with management in the execution of this policy.

We have adopted the following specific aims:

  • Cultivate a work ethic with a high level of awareness of waste management.
  • Waste minimization and a desire to recycle and reuse materials.
  • Promote economy in the use of materials generally, in particular paper and the selection of print formats and document styles in our offices.
  • Encourage the use of recycled/reclaimed materials from sustainable sources and those that are suitable for disposal by recycling.
  • Favor suppliers who actively operate according to sound environmental principles.
  • Minimize waste by encouraging the exchange and reuse of equipment and materials amongst departments.
  • Develop waste management strategies that include recycling procedures and schemes.
  • Encourage employees in our office to promote and establish recycling schemes that our relevant to their individual activities.
  • We are committed to expanding our recycling policy.