The land of Saints (Christian pilgrimage)

Tour start at 09:00 from your hotel and back around 18:00.

More than 18 different religious communities,  making  today, together in peace , ONE LEBANON. 

This unique ‘Oasis’ in the Middle-east, stood still during centuries of wars  and conflicts… It rises again with our Saints blessings!

We will visit  different Catholic and Orthodox monasteries and churches.

  • Our Lady of Lebanon, St. Mary Harissa is reached by cable car from down the shore up to the peak (500 meters altitude). Prayers, meditations and a possibility to assist to a mass especially on Sundays. (Marronite Catholic). 
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral rises next to the sanctuary of Harissa a unique (Greek Melkite Catholic) colorful mosaics decorates this fantastic Cathedral.
  • St. Charbel “The Generous Saint” in Annaya . A visit to his sacred hermitage is indeed very essential as well as the monastery of Mar Maroun where the Saint lived, died and was buried. (Marronite Catholic). 
  • lunch break in a local restaurant of your choice.
  • After lunch, we proceed to St. Nouriye, the Orthodox monastery, on top of a hill overlooking the Mediterranean sea and a craved church down the hill gives your journey a great spiritual sensation. (Greek Orthodox).
  • St. Rafqa and St. Nematulla Hardini’s Monastery is located in the mountains few minutes ahead.  Prayers, meditation, a spiritual pilgrimage visit. Meet the priest is possible upon request.  (Marronite Catholic).
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