‘Sidon & Tyre’ One Day Tour

Tour start at 09:00 from your hotel and back around 17:30
Have you ever visited the South of Lebanon?
Well this time you will visit two major cities in the South, Saida or Sidon and Tyre or Sour as we call it.
Driving the highway to Saida is smooth and lovely. The Crusades seas castle is where we start our visit, a splendid old sand stones floating fortress protecting the city sea front where lies the old busy souks of Saida. The traditional soap factory, the small shops, the butcher next to the local pastry tiles, the wooden craft street and the “Craque des Chevaliers” will enrich your memories with more surprising involvements in Lebanon’s diversity and cultures…
The highway again, getting more and more deep in the South of Lebanon where lies the city of Sour or Tyre, the “Bass” Roman hippodrome, the sea ruins, the fishermen’s port and those restored neighborhoods… what a lovely street walk!
Oh and yes, let’s not forget our lunch break! Fish and sea food are delicious or maybe a variety of foods can be found in many restaurants around the city.
Coffee and sweets on the way back? Yeah why not! Sweets are the famous specialties in the South!
Back to the hotel, keep it up and enjoy the rest of the day!

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