‘Baalbak – Ksara – Anjar’ One Day Tour

Tour start at 09:00 from your hotel and back around 18:00
Oh! Are we still in Lebanon?!
Of course we are, but you are right, the scene has totally changed as we reached the mountains.
Please look to the west, here is Beirut and the Mediterranean. East is the majestic, wide and green Bekaa valley, lying between Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon Peaks.
A short stop; your guide will explain the Valley’s Characteristics, local people beliefs, traditions  and culture, agriculture, farms, wineries and a rich history…
Once we reach the valley, a moderate drive further to the East towards to Gigantic Roman Temples of Baalbeck… History to be told! Breathtaking!
Time for a traditional lunch maybe and some Lebanese abundant wine tasting in Ksara/Zahle?
Lebanon has more than 70 different wineries and wine makers spread all around the country, not to mention the Lebanese Cuisine!
Ksara winery is the oldest wine making Chateau, and has huge natural sellers… and much more…
«Gouttons voir si le vin est bon» mission accomplished, let’s go deep East to Anjar and discover the Ommayads ruins. Another civilization of Lebanon’s history, truly amazing!
Oh yes, we are still in Lebanon by the way!
Soon you will get to your hotel room with another rich experience and plenty of memories, pictures and information… Cheers!

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