The Land of Saints 8D/7N Package

A spiritual journey in Lebanon exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient temples, and sacred valleys. Visit Maronite and Greek Orthodox monasteries, witness miracles in Qana, Tyre, and Magdoucheh, and experience the religious diversity of Beirut’s downtown cathedrals. Conclude with a visit to Baalbek’s Roman temples and the Virgin Mary shrine in Deir el Ahmar before bidding farewell at Beirut International Airport.

What to expect:

Day 1: Arrival at Beirut International Airport

Upon your arrival, our dedicated team will meet and assist you, ensuring a smooth transition to your hotel.

Day 2: The Valley of Saints

The Qadisha Valley, also known as the “Sacred Valley” among locals, boasts breathtaking scenery, stunning views, cascading water (especially in spring), and the captivating contours of the surrounding mountains. Deep within the valley lies a 14th-century hermitage and monastery, offering a serene atmosphere that demands quiet observance.

Our next destination is the Saint Anthony Church within the Maronite Catholic Monastery of Qozhaya. Saint Anthony, referring to Saint Anthony the Great, played a significant role in Christian monasticism. Born in Egypt around 251 AD, he is celebrated for his ascetic lifestyle and profound spiritual teachings.

Day 3: St Mary Nouriye-Saint Hardini & Saint Rafqa.

St. Nouriye is an Orthodox monastery perched atop a hill, offering panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Descend to a carved church at the foot of the hill, enriching your journey with a profound spiritual sensation rooted in Greek Orthodox traditions.

Stop at St. Rafqa and St. Nematulla Hardini’s Monastery: Conclude your spiritual pilgrimage at St. Rafqa and St. Nematulla Hardini’s Monastery, nestled in the mountains. Engage in prayers, meditation, and perhaps arrange a meeting with the priest upon request, delving into the rich Maronite Catholic heritage.

Day 4: St Charbel Annaya-Bkerke-Harissa

St. Charbel “The Generous Saint: Visit the spiritual legacy of St. Charbel, “The Generous Saint,” at his sacred hermitage in Annaya and the monastery of Mar Maroun where the saint lived, died, and rests. Experience a profound connection with the Maronite Catholic traditions.
Following this spiritual encounter, we ascend to the peak of St. Mary Harissa, Our Lady of Lebanon, via a cable car along the shore (500 meters altitude). Here, amid breathtaking views, engage in prayers, meditations, and the opportunity to attend a mass, especially on Sundays, as per Maronite Catholic practices.

Our journey then leads to Bkerke, the residence of the Maronite Patriarch, adding a touch of historical significance.

Day 5: The Holy South – Qana (‘the Miracle of Wine’)-Tyre

Our first stop, Qana, holds a special place in Christian tradition, echoing the Gospel’s narrative of Jesus Christ’s first miracle – turning water into wine at a wedding feast. The stone jars mentioned in this sacred story symbolize the transformative nature of this profound event.

Next, we journey to Tyre, an ancient city with a rich historical legacy. Discover its distinction as one of the first cities to establish its own Christian church, offering a glimpse into the early establishment and spread of Christianity in the region. The presence of this church in Tyre serves as a testament to the enduring influence of Christianity, revealing insights into the city’s religious history.

Our pilgrimage continues to Magdoucheh, home to the sanctuary of Sayedet el Mantara, or Our Lady of Awaiting. This revered pilgrimage site for Maronite Catholics is associated with the belief that the Virgin Mary patiently waited for her son Jesus as he preached in nearby towns. Perched on a hill, the sanctuary offers panoramic views, creating a serene backdrop for pilgrims seeking blessings, reflection, and active participation in religious rituals.

Day 6: Beirut downtown Cathedrals

Our first destination is St. Georges of the Maronite, a symbol of Maronite Catholicism. Next, we visit St. Georges of the Greek Orthodox, exploring the unique practices and spiritual ambiance of the Greek Orthodox Church. The cathedral stands as a testament to the city’s religious diversity.

Our journey continues to St. Elias of the Greek Melkite Catholics, providing insight into the vibrant traditions of the Greek Melkite Catholic community.

Day 7: Baalbak & Deir el Ahmar

Check off one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites – the awe-inspiring Roman temples of Baalbek. Our next destination takes us to Deir el Ahmar, a place of miraculous significance housing the shrine of the Virgin Mary. Explore the spiritual ambiance and cultural richness surrounding this revered site.

Day 7: Departure
Bid farewell to Lebanon as we transfer you to Beirut International Airport.

PS: Possibility to customize package upon request.

What’s included.

  • Transportation & fuel surcharge
  • Local taxes
  • Driver/guide
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off

What’s not included.

  • Lunch (optional)


  • Not wheelchair accessible

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