Batroun Mountain Wine – Full day

Batroun governorate is situated in the mid north of Lebanon, stretching from the Mediterranean up to 2300 meters above sea level.

Batroun city has a Phoenician old town as well as many wineries spread all over the mountains that surround the city.

Our tour start at 09 am from your hotel and back around 17.30

We drive the northern highway 65 Km from Beirut. Batroun City is ahead while the wineries are up the hills.

Modern infrastructure and strong taste wines in three different wineries, abundant wine tasting and an optional lunch at” Ixir” the leading winery in Batroun.

Now that you’ve tried our wines, let’s check what is going on in the Phoenician neighborhood in Batroun city and have the famous local lemonade or maybe a cup of coffee by the sea.

Great tastes… Great city!