I cannot even begin to explain the love I now have for Lebanon! I have been to over 40 countries and yet I struggle to think of another country that has as much variety and diversity as Lebanon does! Firstly, the people are genuinely wonderful. Not one day passed where I wasn’t greeted with a smile, a kind word and offers of help from literally everyone I encountered during my trip. Secondly, the wide range of opportunities for a fun day out in Lebanon is truly amazing. In one day, I explored the ancient sites in Byblos, walked down beautiful, cobbled lanes as I shopped in the souks, strolled along the stunning port, visited a pre-historic cave at Jeita and witnessed awe-inspiring views at Harissa. I selected to travel with Dave Lebanon Tours due to the many outstanding reviews I read and I wasn’t disappointed! This has to be the most professional tour company around. My guide was exceptionally knowledgeable and will explain the history of Lebanon in general as well as go in to great detail at each site visited. He was also extremely flexible and very much just wanted me to be happy and enjoy my trip. The cost was extremely reasonable and it was helpful that the entry to all of the sites was included in the price (not all agencies offer this!) – it meant I could just relax and enjoy the day. I loved this tour so much that I booked another trip the next day and have already given Dave Lebanon Tours’ details to several friends who also plan on visiting Lebanon in the near future. So enjoyable was my time in Lebanon that I am already planning another trip in May! Thank you for a truly wonderful time and for welcoming me to your beautiful, safe and interesting country. 

So, in one day, I visited the coast, historical monuments and then leapt in 5 foot snow in the mountains! In ONE day!!! Nothing was too much trouble for my guide, he simply wanted me to enjoy my time in Lebanon and discover the beauties of the country that he is so proud of. And proud he should be! Not only is Lebanon unbelievably safe (I am a young, blonde, solo traveler who walked alone at all times of the day and night and didn’t not experience or witness a single bit of hassle or trouble – do not allow recent news to put you off – I was there during the ‘protests’…I put this word in quotes because it was a polite demonstration contained to just one square in Beirut!!) and so welcoming – every day I was greeted with smiles, welcomes and offers of help from literally everyone I encountered! Dave Lebanon DMC is a professional, bespoke service – anywhere I wanted to go, my guide drove me, even driving up snowy mountains when I mentioned I enjoy snow, just to let me take some photos! He took me to Tripoli (again – SAFE! and so interesting!!) where we ate delicious pastries and toured lots of interesting and historical sites. I was shown around downtown Beirut; again, taken up to the mountains (an absolute highlight) and spent the whole day having the most interesting discussions with my guide, who I now feel is a friend, so much so, that I hope to come back in May, bringing some friends along with me! I will of course, without question, go with Dave Lebanon tours again – professional, real integrity, bespoke service and a genuine desire to do everything they can to ensure their customers receive the trip of the lifetime…thank you so very much for making my time in Lebanon so enjoyable; I was sad to leave! Looking forward to seeing you again in May!
Best day out in Lebanon!