Lebanese Culinary Temptation

Do not eat Lebanese food; once you start, you’ll never stop!

Picture this: 2:00 PM in Beirut, stunning sea and mountain views, a fresh breeze, and a homemade aperitif (Arak). Our food journey kicks off with a delightful 15-minute “Amuse Bouche” featuring crackers, roasted nuts, raw almonds on ice, and colorful veggies with a lemon zest. Then, a feast of over 35 vibrant Mezza platters arrives, introduced by the proud Chef with a brief oral presentation.

As the Mezza platters are placed before you, the visual spectacle and the ambiance of family and friends gathering, along with music entertainment, enhance the Lebanese hospitality experience. Engage all your senses with local house wine, savoring every bite and breaking thin pita bread into creamy hummus. The Chef reappears, introducing crispy BBQ lamb chops, beef brochettes, and chicken Taouk marinated in local spices, topped with crispy pita, parsley, grilled vegetables, and a delicious creamy white garlic paste.

Dessert time brings an assortment of baklava, local sweets, maamoul, atayef, sfouf, and a basket of fresh local fruits. But wait, there’s more! A gentleman in black Sherval and a red Tarbouche, sporting a large mustache, offers Lebanese coffee with or without cardamom and a choice of minted tea.

As the sun sets, it’s the perfect moment to enjoy a shisha and marvel at the blue hour.

In summary, do not eat Lebanese food; once you start, stopping is impossible!